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Our company

Fashion design, clothing and retail, Bridal wear, ethnic wear, evening wear, both men and women range, cooperate wear school wear, sportswear, uniforms and protective clothing transfer printing and embroidery.

Botaqi design hub and projects Pty Ltd, is a new business founded and established by three young black people, 2 females and 1 male from Huhudi, Kealeboga Lebo Maruping  (fashion designer) and director behind the company, Patrick Morolong (fashion designer /AD) and Olive Butshwane as (animator/administrator ).
We collaborated with various skills and the ability to drive a business that forms a one stop design hub. We currently mostly focused in fashion design, clothing, décor and graphics and art.  Our diverse and specialist of expertise spans a wide range of platform of designs (fashion, retail, manufacturing, graphics, art and media, interior décor and events management.  

Our team

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Great team to work with and got my dress done in time


Botaqi Team helped me get the perfect matric dress